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Working on confidential designs.

How we keep important information safe

One Luna Editorial Team

Clients rely on us every day to work on ambitious projects that push the limit of what’s possible. These initiatives are often required to be undisclosed up until the moment that the project garners the approval of internal stakeholders. To maintain the aura of delight and showmanship during client presentations, we safeguard our work to keep it away from prying eyes. While no law recognizes architect-client privileges (similar to the one between lawyers and clients), our design support services operate with the highest ethical standards.

We acknowledge that being a continent apart from our clients presents unique challenges when it comes to keeping sensitive design information private. That’s why we implement security measures that we all follow internally to ensure that no data will be disclosed unnecessarily.

We correctly label sensitive information

Once a client tells us that specific project details are to be kept confidential, we treat data such as schematics, measurements, and design concepts with due care. Tangible printouts of data are kept in sealed envelopes, labeled with a confidential tag, and states the names of the stakeholders who are authorized to see its contents.

To protect sensitive information sent to us via electronic channels, we implement a strict IT policy for all computers in our network. Aside from labeling private data, user privileges are carefully administered to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information. Since we operate inside Felina Corporate Plaza — a building located in the heart of IT hubs in Manila — we harness state-of-the-art equipment with helpful and knowledgeable staff on hand.

We commit to non-disclosure agreements

We are committed to providing the best possible service for our clients. That’s why we ask for and comply with legal requirements that make way for productive collaboration. For Non-Disclosure Agreements, we have our legal team review all the necessary contracts in order to ensure compliance from all relevant stakeholders. Once we complete the project and there is information that our clients wish to be undisclosed, we offer proof that the confidential information is scrubbed off our systems.

We secure access to confidential data

We see to it that the only stakeholders who see confidential information are the ones who need to look at it. By implementing a strict need-to-know process, private data stays private. Printed copies of confidential documentation are locked, and electronic copies are protected by a secure password and a capable IT team who monitors computer access.

Through our investment in employee training and advanced IT infrastructure, we monitor suspicious activity and correct errant employee behavior when the need arises. In the event of an employee’s resignation, we ensure that all information in company-issued personal computers is deleted. We then remind the resigning employees about their obligations regarding the inappropriate use and disclosure of confidential information to their future employers and other third parties.

Because we value the trust of our clients, we go above and beyond what is required. Since privacy and confidentiality are essential factors in their buying decisions, we work hard to ensure that we deliver these to our clients.