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Proven track record in outsourced services

For a little over a decade, we have been providing outsourcing services to clients all over the world. We have helped burgeoning tech startups improve the quality and responsiveness of their customer service. Businesses in the United States have come to us in search of a partner that will strengthen their foothold in Southeast Asia. Our passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs go above and beyond what is required, and our track record prove that.

Architect Marlon "Dos" A. Manalo II

Founder & Principal Architect, MANAM

Architect Marlon “Dos” Manalo is a graduate from the University of Santo Tomás, Manila. He worked as team supervisor in Singapore and moved to Manila to work with some of the top Architects and Interior Designers in the Philippines. He is an experienced architect in high-end residential and commercial projects. In 2014 he started Manam with a vision of a better architecture for the Philippines. Later in 2016, he founded M.A.D. Construction and Project Management Corporation. 

MBA Architect Endika G. Ampudia

Founder & Principal Architect, MANAM

Endika is a Master Architecture graduate from the University of Basque Country and MBA graduate from Deusto Business School in Spain, and Fordham University in New York. He studied and worked in several countries before moving to Manila and founded Bhumi, an outdoor specialist firm. In 2014, he founded Manam. Later in 2016, he founded M.A.D. Construction and Project Management Corporation. 

Architect Felipe F. Diaz De Miranda

Associate Architect, MANAM

Felipe is a Master Architecture and Civil Engineer graduate from the University of Seville and University of Oviedo. He has also studied at UST in Manila and overseas at the Technical University of Munich. Felipe has broad working experience in several countries such as Spain, Germany, Brazil and the Philippines. He is also founder of a solidary initiative in his motherland. In 2016 he became an active part of Manam, working on several residential and commercial projects.

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