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Providing technology solutions for your business needs

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Technology should improve the way you work, not complicate it. We will work with you closely to know your needs and recommend the right solution for you.

Service Desk

This service enables us to provide you with relevant support at the right time when you need it. If you have a technology issue that puts your business in danger, you can count on us to help you solve it. Because we have a broad range of capabilities, we can solve your problem faster and recommend procedures that will prevent such an issue from happening in the future. 

Technology Consulting

We closely collaborate with you in building a technological competitive advantage in the most cost-efficient and reliable manner. This process starts with assessing your needs, then we create a plan, and assist you in executing it.

Centralized Service Management

In this service, we will create a system that will automate the execution of key tasks in your organization. When you let us manage your technical yet essential office processes, you can focus on tasks that matter to you and your customers. In the process, you will save time and decrease your costs.

System Administration

We are cognizant of the best practices in supervising networks, because we have done it for multiple clients. By allowing us to manage your systems, you will reduce your risk of failure and avoid unforeseen costs. We ensure that your business systems are aligned with your business objectives so you can harness the power of your data in making important decisions.

Meet the team

Ed Co

Ed was in an IT Support of a large banking firm for 12 years and eventually ventured being an independent consultant. As a consultant he is exposed to many various situations and has seen different approaches to solve issues and is great at thinking out of the box. He is always in front and on top of any situation he communicates well with clients and staff and tries to keep everything simple. He is an avid golfer and loves to cook!

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